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Davis-Bacon Wage Compliance Monitoring

City of Knoxville, Tennessee

BPR’s first contract as a new firm in 2009 was to provide Davis-Bacon Wage Compliance Monitoring for the City of Knoxville. The project included preparing and attending a pre-construction conference with the City and Contractor to discuss Davis-Bacon Labor Requirements for documents and contractor reporting. BPR set up and maintained separate payroll files for the prime and 26 subcontractors and provided periodic updates to the city on the status of the compliance process and results.

Payrolls were reviewed for accuracy on each job classification against the Davis-Bacon wage rates including:

  • Workers’ respective wage classifications shown on every payroll
  • Dates and days of the week entered on payroll
  • Payrolls sequentially numbered
  • Contractor’s/subcontractor’s IRS Employer Identification on 1st payroll
  • Employee’s name and last four digits of the SSN shown on each payroll
  • Wages paid to workers equal to or exceed the wage decision for each classification.
  • Evidence of proper registration submitted with first payroll for apprentices or trainees
  • Deductions—only those that are permitted by law or those authorized in writing by the employee
  • Review overtime compensation for payment in accordance with David-Bacon requirement

Construction site visits were made to verify posting of Wage Decision TN20080013 and the Davis-Bacon Poster. In addition, employee interviews were conducted once monthly over a 12-month time frame to establish the degree of accuracy of records and interviews taken at the site were reviewed against the payrolls submitted by the general contractor and/or subcontractors. BPR also prepared a Final Wage Compliance and Labor Standard Enforcement Report and submitted all payroll and correspondence files and reports to the City of Knoxville for inclusion with their project files.

BPR has since performed Labor Compliance on three additional Tennessee Housing Development Agency TCAP Developments:

Flenniken Landing

Airway Ridge

Mountain Hollow


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