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Brown Pearman Russell, LLC is owned by two experienced professionals, Gwendolyn W. Brown and Richard L. Russell. They have 65 years of combined experience providing project planning and development services to local governments, state and federal agencies, non-profits and community organizations, as well as private sector clients. Each holds professional licensure certification through the American Institute of Certified Planners.

The Principals

Gwendolyn W. Brown, AICP, has more than 35 years of experience as a Planner and Project Manager. With a background in local planning with the State of Tennessee, she directed and provided planning assistance to municipal and regional planning commissions within the East Tennessee Region. She was involved in the preparation and implementation of a broad scope of planning documents: comprehensive community plans—land use, community facilities, socio-economic data formulation and analysis; zoning and subdivisions regulations; neighborhood redevelopment plans; and, environmental assessments for state and federally funded projects. During her employment with her previous employer, Ms. Brown served as project manager for multi-discipline design projects—water resources (water and wastewater), civil, facilities, and architecture/landscape architecture and served as client liaison between and among involved design disciplines. She is adept at administering state and federal grants and at packaging financial resources comprised of funding from state, federal, and local governments as well as from private sector investors for the implementation of an identified project. She also has extensive experience in the public input process and the facilitation of meetings. Named to The Knoxville Downtown Advisory Committee, Ms. Brown utilized her urban planning skills to assist in the continued revitalization of downtown through development of an improvement strategy with the intent of vesting public ownership in the strategy with the City of Knoxville.

Richard L. (Rick) Russell, AICP, has over 30 years of planning and project management experience including local and regional planning, criminal justice planning, charrettes and stakeholder engagement, as well as funding assistance and administration for most state and federal programs. Major projects include downtown redevelopment, neighborhood and brownfield redevelopment and resort developments in Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. He has extensive experience working with gateway communities to national parks, national forests, and national recreation areas and the tourism based economies and issues facing these cities, counties, and regions. Mr. Russell has provided project management and administration on scores of projects funded by EDA, EPA, ARC, HUD, DOT, and FEMA. He is also a Certified Public Housing Manager (PHM) and has assisted many private and public housing developers in the rehabilitation, renovation, and development of new housing projects throughout the southeast region. As a PHM, he has provided technical assistance to public housing authorities acting under their authority as redevelopment agency for several cities in the region.

Professional Planner

Christopher M. Oelgoetz, APA, has two years of experience as a planner including time spent in the public and private sectors.  Since joining BPR, he as has assisted in the project management and administration of various projects, including those funded by federal and state agencies.  Those projects include housing rehabilitation, Davis-Bacon labor compliance, an energy efficiency block grant, public outreach for an administered brownfield assessment grant, comprehensive and small area plans.  He is currently representing BPR on a team of consultants formulating a growth plan for the 16 county Chattanooga region through the year 2055.  In addition to management and administration, Chris has experience preparing grant applications for various clients in East Tennessee.  His knowledge of applying available resource data has strengthened our clients’ applications and increased their likelihood of funding.  While interning with the City of Valdosta, Georgia, Chris spent his time not only assisting in daily office duties associated with planning and zoning, but also worked with a consultant to redefine Valdosta’s historic district and assist on a mass rezoning report to incorporate new land use designations set forth by the newly adopted Land Development Regulations.  While at the University of Tennessee, Chris helped produce a watershed plan, a housing assessment, and a comprehensive growth management plan incorporating sustainability.

Strategic Collaboration

BPR has established a network of strategic teaming partners comprised of individual design professionals and local, national, and international firms. Our goal is to bring together the best team possible to accomplish your specific project goals. We have partnered with professionals in all engineering disciplines, architecture, landscape architecture, surveying, and the various roles of construction/contract management.

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