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Tennessee Housing Development Authority
Davis-Bacon Assessment

Davis-Bacon Wage Assessment and Compliance is being provided for the Tennessee Housing Development Authority assisted projects over the next two years for the entire East Tennessee Grand Division. The project will determine if a “TCAP” development is subject to the Davis-Bacon Act. A written determination will be provided to THDA prior to closing of a TCAP loan and prior to the commencement of construction.

Tennessee Housing Development AuthorityWage Rate Determination – Contact the Department of Labor for correct wage rate determination for the specific site and construction dates.

Pre-construction Conference – Prepare for and attend the pre-construction conference to discuss Davis-Bacon Labor Requirements.

Payroll Review – Review certified payrolls for accuracy on each job classification against the Davis-Bacon wage rates.

Site Visits/On-Site Interviews – Conduct monthly site visits to verify that the Wage Decision and Department of Labor poster are posted in a conspicuous place in English and Spanish.

Conduct Employee Interviews to establish degree of record accuracy.

Payroll Review – Review interviews taken at the site against payrolls submitted by the Owner/Developer (Prime Contractor and/or Subcontractors). Any discrepancies will be itemized and submitted to Owner/Developer (Prime Contractor).

Complaint Investigation – Investigate any and all employee complaints related to Davis-Bacon requirements. A written report of each complaint will be prepared and forwarded to THDA.
Violation Reporting – Any Davis-Bacon Labor Standard violations will be reported to THDA within 48 hours of discovery.

Tennessee Housing Development AuthorityPayroll Files and Record Retention – Set up and maintain separate Payroll Files for Owner/Developer (Prime Contractor and Subcontractors) and retained for 3 years.

Close-Out Activities – Perform labor compliance close-out activities

Additional Reporting – Provide assistance to THDA for additional non Davis-Bacon

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